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Wheelhouse Talks: Marsha Rappley

On January 18th, I was able to attend the Wheelhouse Talks featuring Dr. Marsha Rappley, Dean of Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. Dr Rappley shared perspectives gained from pivotal points in her life and delivered life lessons in growth and leadership.

Over the past year, I have been looking forward to this particular Wheelhouse Talk. I admire all Marsha Rappley has accomplished and her leadership style. There were several key points she made which she believes makes her a good leader, all of which I agree. Marsha states that one of the main reasons she can sleep at night is she knows she has an amazing team working for her and that she creates space for these people to let them develop their creativity.Creating this space allows them to do their job and giving them the freedom and time to develop better ways to work and preform. She also believes in a diverse team consisting of a variety of backgrounds. We must have a people from a variety of backgrounds so that we may be able to analize a problem from multiple vies. Honoring and respecting not only your own pathway but also others is key to developing and hiring the correct team. Much of the storys and perspectives Marsha shared made me think and realize that she thinks much the same way as I do.

After attending this wheelhouse talk, I was energized to take what I learned into the variety of Leadership roles I play. I also plan on taking what she had taught us and applying it into leadership roles I may participate in after graduation. I really enjoyed all she had to say and plan to keep the video of her speech so that I may always have to reflect back on!