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Grand Valley State University’s Enrichment Dinner

What? The Annual Enrichment Dinner is held in June every year to honor and thank donors who have helped Grand Valley continue their mission of “educating students to enrich their lives, their professions, and their societies.” This year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Enrichment dinner as a guest. The Enrichment dinner served as the end of the “Shaping our Future Campaign” which was apart of the celebration of Grand Valley State University’s 50th anniversary. The night was filled with music, entertainment, terrific food, and great presentations. At the end of the night they announced that 95.3 million dollars were raised in their “Shaping our Future Campaign”.

So What? Many who attend this dinner are leaders in the community. During the cocktail hour I met up with Teri Losey, Special Assistant to the President of the University and Secretary for the Board of Trustees.  She helped me network and meet influential people both in the Grand Valley community and the greater Grand Rapids area. This was beneficial, as I got the chance to connect with many leaders of the community and allow them to get to know who I am. I was grateful for her help and next time I attend an event like this I have a larger network to mingle with.

Now What? This event allowed me to see how Grand Valley celebrates their donors and learn more about how they connect with Grand Valley alumni. This year I will be serving on the student engagement committee which will develop and implement a plan to teach current Grand Valley students about philanthropy, giving back to the university, and the real cost of higher education. Being able to meet people from the development office and meeting and talking to donors will help me share my input and ideas to the committee.