I am an upperclassmen at Grand Valley State University studying Nursing and Management. GVSU is the perfect fit for my learning style because of the personal attention I receive from faculty members and the small class sizes. I continue to have meaningful interactions with the students and faculty in the classes for my major and also while exploring the liberal education program. I believe that I have developed critical thinking skills that will help advance me as a future leader of the 21st generation. I am thrilled that I choose to attend Grand Valley

One of my favorite courses was liberal studies 314. In this course I was able to reflect on my life and look ahead to my future. I was able to develop critical thinking skills and prospectives on life. The teacher pushed me in new ways and helped me to understand different prospectives and allowed me to re-evaluate my life.

I stared my clinical experience in the summer of 2011. This hands-on learning experience was eye opening and directly inspired me to continue with the nursing program. I was able to do my labor and delivery rotation at Spectrum Health.  Both of my pediatric and Leadership rotations were at Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital and my Medical/Surgical rotations were at St. Mary’s Acute care of the elderly and neuroscience floors. Overall my clinical rotations helped me to broaden my knowledge of nursing.


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